What Is News?


News is information about current events. It may be spread or reported in many different ways: on TV, on the radio, in newspapers or online. People are interested in news because it teaches them about the world around them. It can help them make decisions and stay informed. News can also be used to influence the public, for example to spread communism or to preach nationalism.

It is important to distinguish between a news story and propaganda. A news story is a report of an event that has actually happened, whilst propaganda is a message designed to influence the public.

A good way to determine whether something is newsworthy is by considering how many of the following five criteria it meets: newness, surprise, interest, magnitude and relevance. For example, a coup in a neighbouring country would be very interesting, but it wouldn’t necessarily be considered as new news. It is also possible to have a localised news story that has global significance, for example an earthquake in one city but not another.

In addition to the above, a good news story should include human interest and be picturesquely written and presented. This is because this will encourage the reader to read more and also it will ensure that they remember the information they have just read. It is also worth remembering that news can be biased, for example the media often focus on stories that involve violence and scandal, whereas other events are more likely to remain unknown.

Almost anything can be considered as news, but it is important to consider how unusual and relevant the subject matter is before deciding whether or not to publish it. For example, a man waking up, eating breakfast and going to work on the bus are all ordinary and everyday things that don’t make the news because they are not very interesting or unusual. However, if the same man was to fall out of a helicopter and be killed in a firefight then this would make the news because it is very interesting and unusual.

For students learning English, it can be useful to look at websites that feature news articles. These often include transcripts of the original article, which can be helpful for students who are developing their reading skills. In addition, some websites offer a selection of news articles broken down by level of difficulty. This makes them a great resource for learners who are trying to improve their English vocabulary as they can choose the level that suits them.