Purveyors of Entertaiment


In simple terms, entertainment is anything that an audience finds enjoyable. This can be anything from watching a movie to a night of dancing. It is vital to choose the right entertainment for a party or event to make it a success. Good entertainers should have an excellent sense of humor and an ability to captivate an audience. The term entertainer is often abbreviated as entmt and is often used in headlines.

Variety of entertainment

Variety shows are performances that feature different kinds of entertainment, including sketch comedy, musical performances, acrobatics, juggling, ventriloquism, and more. These shows usually have a compere to introduce the acts, and are usually held in a theatre or other public place. They began as stage shows in the Victorian era and eventually made their way to radio and television, where they became a staple of English language television.

While entertainment may be a simple idea or an activity, many cultures have adapted the forms of entertainment to suit different events and populations. Entertainment may be performed for an audience in a passive capacity, such as when watching a show, or an active role, such as when playing a game. Whether the entertainment is performed for a large group or a small audience, the audience is essential to a great production. Most forms of entertainment have survived for centuries, transforming with changes in technology, culture, and fashion.

Variety shows are popular in the United States. Popular shows include the Jackie Gleason Show, the Andy Williams Show, and the Danny Kaye Show. Variety shows have a wide appeal and were some of the first programs broadcast on television. Popular variety shows also featured singers, musicians, and other performers. In addition, many variety shows featured rural appeal, such as The Johnny Cash Show, Jim Nabors Hour, and Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.

Purveyors of entertainment

Purveyors of entertainment are independent production companies who create cutting-edge television, radio and web content. They specialize in original programming aimed at capturing the pop culture zeitgeist. Their shows are often rated PG-13, but they can appeal to the whole family. For more information, please visit purveyorsofentertainment.com.